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Bleeding Edge Technologies

with custom Research and Development

Smart Cities

Our company is fully committed to creating smart and sustainable solutions in different areas such as Mobility, Environment, Tourism, Energy and many more, with the primary goal of improving people’s lives.


Telco & Future Internet

With an ear toward clients and an eye for innovation, we offer a vast portfolio of products, services and solutions for the Telecom and Future Internet sectors that can be found all over the world.


New Tech_nologies

We are driving innovation in the integration of new technologies that naturally incorporate people’s routines. From mobile apps to gesture-based recognition systems, we continue to develop state-of-art solutions that speak for themselves.




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  • We believe in a sustainable world where people feel happy. We work every day to be leaders in Smart Cities and everything they involve: Environment, Mobility, Tourism, Energy and more.
  • The Internet is not everywhere yet, but that’s what we work for. Research and development of intelligent solutions for the Internet of the Future is one of our priorities.
  • As an experienced technology company, we have the mission of being at the forefront of innovation and supporting companies and communities in creating new ideas that help make the World a better place.


A probing platform designed for spectrum sensing applications


A tool that checks the actual speed of the Internet connection

We build innovative solutions that spark the world’s imagination.

Case studies



Our close relationship with the academic world and partnerships with industry-leading companies has contributed to the continuous growth of our R&I Department. Our process and expertise cover idea generation, planning, designing, developing and testing, making us perfectly equipped to embrace any challenge.



Our experience in different business areas has given us the necessary impetus to embrace challenging ideas and turning them into products. Our team delivers projects from scratch on time, on budget and according to your specifications.



By truly listening to our clients, we ensure that we make the right decisions to develop a technological solution that fulfils their needs. Audience research, competition analysis and usability testing are some of the key procedures we carry out every day to continuously suit the future.


Our team is ready to work with you, from vision to reality.


“At Ubiwhere, we
envision and develop

Rui Costa

Ubiwhere's CO-CEO

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Latest articles and news

SEP 29 2023

DNS Testbed Forum: an innovative session organised by Ubiwhere

On the 26th of September 2023, Ubiwhere organised the DNS Testbed Forum, the first online session of an innovative initiative where the strategy for operationalising the Digital Nervous System Testbed was presented, based on the creation of four waves, each of which consists of three phases: attracting companies, training, developing and testing pilot products. It is hoped to have 105 pilot products in September 2025.

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SEP 26 2023

Ubiwhere is ready to start a revolution at Aveiro Tech Week 2023 with the presentation of the Digital Nervous System Testbed

The 4th edition of Aveiro Tech Week 2023 will happen between the 2nd and the 8th of October, an event promoted by Aveiro City Council. Ubiwhere will again be present at the epicentre of the technological route and the pole of attraction for technology industries. This year, our mission is to display the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a campus for Portuguese SMEs and startups to develop and test innovative product and service ideas through technological demonstrations.

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SEP 20 2023

Fostering the Digital Transition in Cities and Building Smart Territories: Ubiwhere presents the Urban Platform at the XXVI Congress of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities

On the 30th of September, Seixal will host the XXVI Congress of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities at the Cidade da Amora Pavilion. With its ’’From Idea To Product’’ philosophy, Ubiwhere will once again be present at this national event to present the Urban Platform, a solid solution on the market, ready to redefine the Smart Cities industry, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and visitors themselves.

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The army

We pride ourselves on the level of detail that our team puts in every project that arises. 

Our team of more than 60 talented people embrace every challenge with the goal of adapting technology into a user-centered solution.

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