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About Us 

We bring people and technology together with innovative solutions


We have the innate desire of changing the World. That's why we create, design and develop solutions that improve people's life. Day by day, our multi-skilled team works to bridge the existing gaps in the market.


What we do


Smart Cities

Urban population has been growing and cities worldwide are facing diverse challenges to find the right balance between urban development needs and global environmental changes. With the goal of improving citizens’ quality of life, Ubiwhere has been focused on addressing smart cities challenges through the continuous development of mobility and environment management innovations.



Telecommunications’ industry is always changing. New improvements are found and interesting opportunities are raised for service providers. With our focus always on the customer’s and society needs, our portfolio includes a wide variety of products, services and SaaS for the Telecom and Future Internet areas. Our outstanding results can be happily seen all over the world.



The successful exploitation of innovative ideas comes from our ability to imagine and develop new tools for dynamic and challenging environments. And that's why we have a specialized and dedicated team 100% focused in diversified R&D+i topics such as Smart and Sustainable Cities and Communities, Connected Smart Objects and People, Next Generation Internet, Future Connected Cars and Mobile Networks, Content Technology and Connected Media, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Open Data and Interoperability.


Tailor Studio

Our creatives are always ready to transform an idea into reality. To let the imagination lead the way and present remarkable solutions to our clients. As time went by, Ubiwhere has been developing tailor-made projects that meet the specific needs of those we come across. Projects that evoke our constant motivation of delivering the best and most innovative customized projects in the market. We are suiting the future of the tailor-made world.


Our story

In 2007, a new chapter was born. A chapter that started with a special passion about technology. With time, this passion started to grow and has been consistently evolved into something bigger, with the goal of contributing to a better tomorrow to the future generations. Our team became more diversified and our partners played a key role in our path to the continuous deployment of user-centered software solutions.

Projects Done




Core Teams





Our offices

The new headquarters in the bright city of Aveiro.

Our clean, minimalist and sunny headquarters have brought a new energy and a more welcoming workplace environment. With a simple and open space design, our departments can easily communicate and bring ideas to life. Aveiro is our home city, but we have a special tenderness for Coimbra and São João da Madeira, where we also have offices.


People in charge



  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Marketeers
  • Business


How we work

1. Strategy

We join all forces with our teams, to strategy new products and solutions. Usually with lots of coffee.

2. Content

Our inspirational Communication Team has powerful minds to make the best stories.

3. Design

Ubiwhere's UI/UX and Graphic Designers have a clinical eye to create unique and dynamic materials.

4. Development

Bright-minded geeks and with the development-oriented brain.

5. Implementation

Pixel-perfect thinking that can make your project looks better than you can imagine before.

6. Attendance

We are always side-by-side with the client, with determination to always do more and better.