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DEC 29 2020

Ubiwhere creates a new smart solution to support European cities on air quality monitoring and forecasting

Ubiwhere is participating in the European Project NEANIAS, by leading the creation of a software solution for smart monitoring of air quality and energy loss in cities.

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NOV 19 2020

Ubiwhere boosts smart and connected urban furniture in three European cities

Ubiwhere will help cities to be one step closer to being truly smart by equipping urban infrastructure (such as lampposts and street cabinets) with innovative technology for the collection and processing of data and the deployment of communications through 5G networks.

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OCT 19 2020

5GZORRO launches its first Tech Talk on Telco Business Innovation through Distributed Ledgers Technologies

5GZORRO project partners are introducing the first of two Tech Talks focused on the theme Telco & DLT/Blockchains: Telco Business Innovation through Distributed Ledgers Technologies on October 20th from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm WEST.

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