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MAR 15 2023

Smart5Grid: A New Era for the Energy Sector

The proliferation of 5G public networks represents a new possibility for managing critical systems, such as the energy sector. With the adoption of 5G networks, energy sector operators are expected to achieve significant efficiency gains at the time of acquisition and during operation.

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MAR 09 2023

Ubiwhere implements new applications in the Smart PAYT solution

The PAYT philosophy represents the pay-as-you-throw principle, in which the citizen that produces more waste should be the one that pays more for the use of the system. For this, Ubiwhere developed a system based on the mechanism of conditional access to containers, allowing the identification of the user in each deposit.

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MAR 01 2023

Mobile World Congress 2023: Portuguese representation is ensured by Ubiwhere

The Mobile World Congress takes place this week in Barcelona, and Ubiwhere is the only Portuguese company exhibiting in the world’s largest Telecoms forum.

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