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SEP 26 2023

Ubiwhere is ready to start a revolution at Aveiro Tech Week 2023 with the presentation of the Digital Nervous System Testbed

The 4th edition of Aveiro Tech Week 2023 will happen between the 2nd and the 8th of October, an event promoted by Aveiro City Council. Ubiwhere will again be present at the epicentre of the technological route and the pole of attraction for technology industries. This year, our mission is to display the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a campus for Portuguese SMEs and startups to develop and test innovative product and service ideas through technological demonstrations.

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SEP 20 2023

Fostering the Digital Transition in Cities and Building Smart Territories: Ubiwhere presents the Urban Platform at the XXVI Congress of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities

On the 30th of September, Seixal will host the XXVI Congress of the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities at the Cidade da Amora Pavilion. With its ’’From Idea To Product’’ philosophy, Ubiwhere will once again be present at this national event to present the Urban Platform, a solid solution on the market, ready to redefine the Smart Cities industry, with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of life of citizens and visitors themselves.

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SEP 18 2023

Celebrating Open-Source Software with ANSOL: Ubiwhere presents the potential of open technologies in the Connected Intelligence Open Lab

On the 15th of September, Ubiwhere presented Free Software’s true value and potential with the workshop ’’Coding the Future of Cities - Open Source Software Applied to Smart Cities’’ during Festa do Software Livre at the University of Aveiro.

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