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Smart Lamppost




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A lamppost with bleeding edge technology




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Smart Lamppost is a modular concept of a lamppost with bleeding edge technology, allowing municipalities to future-proof their smart city and Mobile Network Operators to cost-effectively deploy their 5G solution.

The Smart Lamppost follows a simple modular approach, with scalability in mind. It is easy to mix-and-match different modules in an elegant and clean solution.



Main features

Smart Lighting

This efficient LED-based solution takes electricity cost reduction to a whole new level. With the use of LoRaWAN technology and a powerful web application, it is easy to remotely manage, control and to schedule the luminaires’ lighting operation mode.

EV Charging

The optional EV Charging module can be installed inside the regular lamppost, saving urban space dedicated to infrastructure, letting municipalities and service providers scalably grow their EV charging network. In short, this module will effectively transforming light poles into e-charging stations.


Elegant Neutral Hosting

Elegant small cell and antenna concealment solution for the neutral host. Scalable 5G network deployments will be a challenge, so the whole network deployment process needs to be redefined. This smart shared infrastructure is powered by an innovative Neutral Hosting Web Platform, where we accelerate the whole deployment procedure. Our Plug-and-play telco module allows for an installation of up to three Small Cells, with zero visual impact.

Edge Computing

Our Plug-and-play Edge Computing solution lets different service providers deploy compute, storage and network resources, in a distributed way. Make use of our MEC system and the co-located Small Cells to disrupt the market - we can’t wait to see what sort of applications this solution will empower.