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Ubiwhere participates in the III National Meeting of Urban Cleaning in Braga | News - Ubiwhere



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JUL 19 2021

Ubiwhere participates in the III National Meeting of Urban Cleaning in Braga


From June 29th to July 1st, Braga hosted the III National Meeting on Urban Cleaning, where Ubiwhere was present with the demonstration of Smart Payt. This product allows managing the collection of urban waste simply and effectively in Smart Cities.

Known as the most significant event dedicated to the theme of urban cleaning held in Portugal, the III National Meeting of Urban Cleaning (ENLU) was organized by the Associação de Limpeza Urbana at the Altice Forum Braga. With a particular focus on developing healthy and sustainable cities, exhibition space was created where entities such as Ubiwhere presented their solutions, demonstrated their equipment and met with their customers and potential customers. This event was a space that benefited from sharing projects, experiences, and products from various stakeholders with the perspective of cities and entities responsible for these services having access to more information and knowledge.

To mobilize citizens towards more sustainable behaviour goes hand in hand with its good integration in public policies, in this edition of the National Meeting on Urban Cleaning, the main current concerns of the sector were also addressed, with themes such as the pandemic and urban cleaning, good international practices and the collection of bio-waste, among examples of national and international innovation in the field of cleaning urban. This edition was marked by the inauguration of the Urban Cleaning Expo, an exhibition space where it was possible to discover the latest innovations in the sector.

For three days, Ubiwhere had the opportunity to show its innovations in urban cleaning and present our products to an audience interested in this theme. In addition, we were honoured to make our Secretary of State for the Environment of the Portuguese Government, Inês dos Santos Costa, aware of the competencies of Smart Payt: this is a product that promotes the separation of waste by citizens, making them pay only for the waste it produces, decoupling the rate of waste indexed to water consumption.

Waste management in a city is one of the main challenges that municipalities face, and there are many obstacles inherent to the implementation of intelligent systems. Based on the installation of intelligent equipment, the Smart Payt by Ubiwhere allows the controlled disposal of waste by installing user identification equipment, an opening and blocking system for disposal equipment, management software and a user portal. With the performance of the PAYT system, it is possible to valorize waste, reduce production and disposal in landfills, and increase collection selection and recycling.

Since its first edition in 2017, this event brings together all municipalities, companies and other entities motivated to change urban cleaning in Portugal.