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PAYT Aveiro

Smart Cities

A project that promotes and encourages a more efficient management of urban waste

In September 2016, the city of Aveiro became one of the stages for an innovative European project - LIFE PAYT - that became a reality through an established partnership between Citibrain, the Municipality of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro. Co-funded by the European Commission, the main objective is to help municipalities to adopt PAYT (pay-as-you-throw) urban waste rates, encouraging and motivating prevention and separation of waste, thereby contributing to a more efficient management of European resources as well as to the implementation of environmental policies.

The project is currently underway in five municipalities in southern Europe: Lisbon, Condeixa and Aveiro (Portugal); Vrilissia (Greece) and Larnaca (Cyprus).

Focused on the development of intelligent solutions in the environment and mobility sector, Citibrain adapted its Smart Waste technology solution to the specifications of the Municipality of Aveiro for the implementation of the project in the city. With the application of state-of-the-art technology to common municipal waste containers, it is possible to monitor the amount of urban waste deposited by each family, as well as who deposited it. Briefly, the solution is composed of undifferentiated 600L containers and an ID card for each family. To deposit the appropriate 40L city waste bags into the system, each family uses an ID card that will give access to a compartment at the top of the lid. 


Every time urban waste is deposited, the information is collected and stored in the access control and sent once a day to the management platform. The system assumes that the family always deposits a fully filled 40L bag and this is the information that will automatically be associated with the family in question and translated into the amount that would have to be paid. Thus, at least initially, what will be recorded will be the number of deposits a household makes and not the specific amount of urban waste deposited.

Subsequently, a simulated monthly invoice is created, which will be sent together with the monthly water bill. The main purpose of this invoice is to demonstrate how much each family would actually pay for their waste, according to what it generates and deposits in the Smart PAYT containers. Consequently, it will demonstrate actual values rather than estimates, making the monthly invoice fairer.

Portuguese Municipalities are increasingly interested in investing in technological solutions that can help protect the environment and the resources of Planet Earth, increasing the quality of life of citizens. The LIFE PAYT Project is fundamental to the achievement of these objectives, as it promotes and encourages a more efficient management of urban waste.