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APR 13 2020

Ubi-Academy brings youngs talents closer to the professional reality


Ubiwhere has been creating several initiatives that aim to bring talented students closer to the professional reality, to keep up with the changes brought by the technological sector.

Since our early days, Ubiwhere has been creating and maintaining a close relationship with universities, where there is a privileged contact with students that are related to our business areas. Thus, it allows us to understand if students are indeed ready to face the challenges brought by future professional opportunities.

With this in mind, in this close contact with universities, we’re “Learning Partners”, where there are several sessions/workshops organized to meet the main issues pointed by the students. These occasions are excellent to share our experience and vision as a company dedicated to the creation of products and solutions that improve citizens’ lives.

Besides that, many of these students that come along our way and that keep in touch with us, have the opportunity of experiencing the professional world, with an internship that suits their profile and favourite topics, at Ubiwhere. They’re oriented by someone with more experience to help and guide them in their journey (and, in many cases, they stay after the internship is over).

We’ve also created an Ubiwhere’ Ambassadors Program, where students are our spokespeople and share our culture, our identity and our vision of looking at technological challenges. It’s another door that opens towards the academic world but in a more specific community.

Last year, Tomás and Chico, both Computer Engineering students at the University of Aveiro, took on this role and now they are an essential key in the communication of several events thought for students.

Following this relationship, Ubiwhere created the Ubi-Academy, that embraces learning moments, in which an online workshop regarding React will take place on April 21st, from 09:30 am to 12:30 pm, one of the main programming languages used by our Development team. The goal of this session, that will be moderated by Carlos Silva and Gonçalo Santos, both of our Development Team, is to help students get a closer look at this language and improve their skills (it’s useful to have some knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript). Since the basic to advanced topics, we intend that students get their hands dirty and explore this universe to its maximum (we’ve prepared a final surprise).

This workshop represents one of Ubiwhere’s different efforts to empower the local community, providing students with more technical skills and constant soft skills growth. And, at the same time, Ubiwhere can instigate the creation of job opportunities where technology is brilliantly integrated into our lives.