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Ubiwhere’s ambassadors

Meet Tomás and Chico

Who they are 

Tomás. 19 years old. Computer Engineering student.

Chico. 19 years old. Computer Engineering student.

Same age and same courses, but with another name, another personality, other preferences. However, something else that remains the same is the fact that they are both Ubiwhere's new ambassadors.

They are those who roll up the sleeves and embrace the challenge that being a brand ambassador requires. But they did it. Because they relate with Ubiwhere, with the culture, with the spirit, with the common involvement with the students and with always desiring to do more and better.

’’to foster a good connection between companies and our academic life.’’

What they'll do

The goal of Tomás and Chico, as our ambassadors, will be to promote Ubiwhere's image, products and services, not only in academia but also in events and social media. They will be our ambassadors and will show up for us, sharing our mission, our vision, our history, our identity.

From our side, we want them to complete this experience and feel prepared for the world of work, meeting the challenges and demands that the market demands. Deep down, even make them better people. On their side, we only hope that they feel the desire and motivation vital to become an essential part of our home.

Their enthusiasm, which will be reflected in a post on a social network or simply in activating with our audience at an event, will make a difference for Ubiwhere. It will bring insights from young, enthusiastic, irreverent people. It will bring a fresh breeze to our home.