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AUG 07 2019

Waste management solutions for smart cities? Meet Smart PAYT


Just last month, Ubiwhere proudly hosted an event for the promotion of the Smart PAYT product. Distinguished representatives of diverse Portuguese municipalities and intermunicipal entities leaders on the operation of waste management took part in this event.

The main goal was to present our product Smart PAYT - Pay As You Throw - and demonstrate its usability in loco.

Smart PAYT encourages citizens to differentiate their waste, by giving them the chance to pay exclusively for the waste they actually produce, decoupling the waste taxes attached to their water consumption.

The SMART - Save Money and Reduce Trash - solutions allow the adaption of PAYT solutions across several types of waste containers and propitiate a new optimized and efficient management model where citizens play an active part.

Based on smart equipment, this product allows the monitored disposal of waste, through the installation of user identification equipment, opening and blocking systems for the disposal equipment, management software and a user portal.

As urban waste management represents one of the greatest municipal challenges, and the barriers to the integration of smart systems prevail, “PO SEUR”, a PT2020 funding programme on the sustainable and efficient operation of resources, enables a line of funding to assist municipalities in the implementation of the PAYT system.

Cities will become able to reduce the production of waste and its deposition in landfills and increase the levels of recycling and separated collection of waste establishing a waste-to-value system.