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NOV 30 2022

Ubiwhere’s WOSUP project presents its preliminary results


The WOSUP project, created by Ubiwhere and started in January 2021, is nearing its end and is now presenting some of the most interesting results achieved during the course of the project.

The main goal of the WOSUP project, an acronym for Weed Out Single Use Plastic, is based on the creation of a software platform for detecting and identifying the type and size of waste accumulated in the oceans.

The achieved solution was initially presented to a group of experts who provided their opinion and feedback to adapt the platform to the existing conditions better. All the information has been compiled into a focus group report, which you can view by downloading the document below. These comments were essential for improving the solution presented in a video summary on the company’s social networks this week.

Although not yet finalized, Ubiwhere is proud to present the results already obtained in the project and invites everyone to stay tuned to the final steps that WOSUP will take.