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Ubiwhere’s new project will monitor more than 900 parking spaces in Guimarães | News - Ubiwhere



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MAY 26 2020

Ubiwhere’s new project will monitor more than 900 parking spaces in Guimarães


Ubiwhere is carrying out the largest smart parking project ever implemented in Portugal. The company will deploy a management system to collect real-time data in the Municipality of Guimarães that will allow the city to monitor more than 900 on-street and off-street parking spaces.

The smart parking system incorporates a management platform that collects parking data though sensors and video cameras and offers a real-time transmission of this information in a mobile app and a set of informative panels positioned in specific locations of the Municipality to help citizens easily find available parking spaces. Considering that the search for a parking space is one of the biggest factor influencing traffic flow, this project is essential to reduce traffic congestion, and consequently, minimise the levels of greenhouse gas in the city.

This innovative platform offers capabilities of data administration and visualisation that allow the identification of patterns for parking occupation of each space or delimited area. This way, it becomes possible to perceive the change in the availability of parking spaces in different areas over time and define the action plan accordingly, leading to the more efficient management of the parking search. The analytics component of the platform offers to the Municipality of Guimarães an excellent tool for urban planning, which takes into account the parking search and the consequent traffic flow, becoming a fundamental key for the Municipality to achieve its vision of a truly smart city.

Besides incorporating a significant number of monitored spaces, this project stands out through the combination of different types of technology. In on-street parking spaces, there will be sensors to allow detecting the occupation of individual spaces in real-time, along with video cameras. Off-street parking spaces, such as parking lots, will have sensors for traffic measurement, that allow counting the vehicles that circulate in a delimited area, the occupation and the available parking spaces. In addition, it will be possible to make use of video cameras integrating Artificial Intelligence, to detect the availability of parking spaces, reaching a more reliable value of occupation of the parking lot.

This project is promoted by Associação de Munícipios de Fins Específicos do Quadrilátero Urbano (AMFEQU), within the scope of the association’s Strategic Plan for Urban Development, which aims to promote strategies to lower carbon emissions across the territory, including the promotion of sustainable mobility and adoption of adaptation measures, namely in urban areas.

This project meets Ubiwhere’s vision of Future Mobility, offer cities with the right solutions to help city mayors and managers to take better and more sustainable actions taking into account the real needs of citizens and cities.