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Ubiwhere presents Forecast Mobility 2022 during European Mobility Week | News - Ubiwhere



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SEP 20 2022

Ubiwhere presents Forecast Mobility 2022 during European Mobility Week


The European Mobility Week, which takes place yearly between the 16th and the 22nd of September, has arrived to raise awareness towards sustainable urban mobility promoting behavioural changes that favour public transportation and micro-mobility.

This initiative of the European Committee involves international cities, municipalities and companies, and this year has more than 2800 cities registered across 47 countries and more than 750 initiatives by private organisations.

The interest in mobility, particularly sustainable mobility and alternative mobility solutions like micro-mobility, has exponentially grown over the last few years, with global investments in new technologies and infrastructures.

Within the scope of this important initiative and considering that mobility is one of Ubiwhere’s topics of interest, we have the pleasure to introduce Forecast Mobility 2022, a reflection on mobility, its tendencies and most relevant technologies, as well as Ubiwhere’s take on mobility.

We invite you to learn more about this by downloading our ebook!