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FEB 24 2023

Ubiwhere leads Testbed of the National Testbed Network


The 30 Testbeds that will be part of the National Testbed Network, with a total investment of around 140 million euros, were disclosed this Wednesday by the Office of the Secretary of State for Digitisation and Administrative Modernisation. Ubiwhere leads 1 of the 30 innovation consortia selected.

Testbeds are accelerators of digital transition and innovation for SMEs and Startups, which, through the provision of equipment and infrastructure for testing and experimentation of products and services, aim to increase the number of commercially viable products, shortening the cycle of its innovation and thus reducing the level of risk in the "valley of death", particularly in the passage of validation in the laboratory (technological readiness level: TRL 4) to the commercialisation phase (level TRL 9).

Ubiwhere leads 1 of the 30 Testbeds that will constitute the National Testbeds Network, relying on the involvement of a vast network of national and international partners from multiple sectors. Through the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a testbed of excellence, Ubiwhere will lead innovation processes in several companies, being responsible for the creation of more than a hundred new technological products as well as digitalisation with support, for example, in more accessible edge-to-cloud communication and zero-touch provisioning, by supporting business development, the dissemination of subject matter expertise, and easy access to open source technologies and network infrastructure, enabling them to thrive not only regionally, but also nationally and globally.

With this purpose, the Digital Nervous System Testbed provides, to various sectors, including Smart Cities, Industry, Environment, and Energy, among others, the conditions for the development of innovation processes based on technology and the opportunity to use the physical and organizational structures necessary for the operation and development of use cases and new innovative verticals. Guaranteeing access to control, storage and sharing resources, and the physical infrastructure capable of developing, testing and transforming large-scale products, systems and services, reducing development and implementation costs.

According to Rui A. Costa, Co-CEO of Ubiwhere: "The selection of Ubiwhere to lead a testbed in Portugal represents the recognition of our company as a leading organisation in technological development in Portugal, as a result of our work to deliver innovative and intelligent solutions. With responsibility and great confidence, we face the construction of this testbed that now begins, mobilising the business community and the community for a more digital, intelligent and connected Portugal.”

The National Testbed Network is an initiative coordinated by the Mission Structure of Portugal Digital (EMPD) and is supported by IAPMEI, ANI, Compete, DGAE and Startup Portugal.