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The Urban Platform’s new features and the DNS Testbed’s digital innovation: the main highlights of Ubiwhere’s Annual Report 2023 vol. 1 | News - Ubiwhere



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MAR 19 2024

The Urban Platform’s new features and the DNS Testbed’s digital innovation: the main highlights of Ubiwhere’s Annual Report 2023 vol. 1


Ubiwhere has just released its Annual Report 2023 vol.1, a document that presents the company’s main events and technological milestones with two important highlights: the new features of the Urban Platform and the digital innovation of the DNS Testbed launched last year. Ubiwhere was born 16 years ago with the motto ’’From idea to product. From vision to reality’’. This same motto shaped our trajectory at Ubiwhere throughout 2023. Do you want to know how? Join us on this journey through 2023!

“2023 was a year of achievements, fulfilment and growth. 2023 was synonymous with innovation, the creation of new products, new solutions and new implementations. In 2023, Ubiwhere set out to be different, to promote the authenticity of its projects and to emphasise the importance of technology in the future of citizens.” This is how the Annual Report 2023 vol. 1 launched by Ubiwhere begins.

In this document, Ubiwhere presents two main highlights that showcase the best of the technological innovation created and developed by our team:

- The Urban Platform: A digital solution that presents a unified city vision. Intuitive and comprehensive, it offers a global and integrated view of your city, presenting information on its dimensions, from mobility and energy to air quality and waste collection. This solution offers new potential and new developments, such as real-time city status, data integration and interaction with citizens.

- The Digital Nervous System Testbed: This is recognised as a campus for startups and SMEs to develop and test innovative ideas for technological products and services. This revolutionary solution from Ubiwhere offers services using cutting-edge technologies such as continuous computing, 5G, IoT edge-to-cloud, and zero-touch automation, making it an excellent tool for supporting the digital transition of companies in Portugal.


The Annual Report, now in its 10th edition, is designed to disseminate the best the team has built during a year of hard work and dedication. Its achievements prove our quality as a renowned technology company in our areas of expertise, and it presents the main highlights of the past year in terms of the evolution and growth of our Smart Cities and Telecommunications solutions.

Would you like to know more about 2023’s main events and highlights? All the information is in the Annual Report 2023, vol. 1!

See the full document below and download it for free!