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MAY 19 2020

What does the future hold for Electric Mobility?


The third webinar of “Future Mobility Webinar Series” will take place on May 21st, at 5:00 PM (GMT+1) and will focus on the discussion of what the Electric Mobility will be.

The session, powered by Ubiwhere and TICE.PT, will include the intervention of Manuel Hall, Head of New Mobility Solutions at EDP, João Faria, Chief Growth Officer at Smartlamppost, Alexandre Varela, Councillor at Municipality of Évora and Martin Pecar, Manager and Founder at OmniOpti d.o.o. Ricardo Vitorino, Head of Research and Innovation at Ubiwhere, will be the session’s moderator.

Electric mobility is increasingly becoming a reality around us and changing the mobility paradigm in many different ways. Cities are consistently implementing a smooth but rapid transition in which electric mobility opens various opportunities for the citizens, by making their lives easier. Due to the diversified and renown webinars’ panel, we will be able to discover different national and international projects that are already at the forefront of electric mobility.

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