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APR 21 2021

Ebook Ubiwhere Buyers Guide to Nearshoring to Portugal


Ebook Ubiwhere Buyer’s Guide to Nearshoring to Portugal

Nearshoring is a form of outsourcing, a common business practice in which a company delegates tasks to another company, in this case, Software Development.

Portugal has a wide offer of dedicated and cost-effective nearshore resources with culture, language and time zone proximity, from a very strategic location! The country has also been considered a leader in providing technology services with high technological expertise, experience, and training recognised by European companies.

To address the challenges of other tech companies and helping them drive their projects forward, Ubiwhere offers the best nearshoring and outsourcing IT services, bringing together highly qualified teams, from Backend, Frontend and Mobile Developers to UI/UX Designers and QA Engineers.

Everything you need to know about setting up a skilled nearshoring team in Portugal to optimise your project and business is here!