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5GZORRO launches its first Tech Talk on Telco Business Innovation through Distributed Ledgers Technologies | News - Ubiwhere



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OCT 19 2020

5GZORRO launches its first Tech Talk on Telco Business Innovation through Distributed Ledgers Technologies


5GZORRO project partners are introducing the first of two Tech Talks focused on the theme Telco & DLT/Blockchains: Telco Business Innovation through Distributed Ledgers Technologies on October 20th from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm WEST.

This session will count on the participation of Paul Henderson, Founder and CEO at Bartr Group, Michele Nati, Head of Telco and Infrastructure Development at IOTA Foundation, Artem Barger, Manager of Blockchain Group at IBM, Thomas Spencer, Business Development Director at R3 CORDA, Louisa Gregory, CEO at CBAN and Antoine Sciberras, Chief Spectrum Management & Technology at Malta Communication Authority. Andrea Michelozzi from Comunicare Digitale will be the session’s moderator.

These experts will debate on the role of Distributed Ledger Technologies and Blockchains to potentiate the safe and secure and agile negotiation between multiple parties and support vertical business use cases within the 5G Telecommunications sector.

The session will be streaming live in on the project’s Youtube Channel.

5GZORRO is a H2020 project developed within the Phase 3 of the 5G-PPP (Public Private Partnership) Program. It aims to develop a set of solutions for zero-touch service, network and security management in multi-stakeholder environments (ubiquitous), making use of Smart contracts based on Distributed Ledgers Technologies to implement required business agility.

5GZORRO will study which DLT is most suitable for the 5G sector and design and implement different sets of business logic in the form of Smart Contracts, so that governance, enforcement of rules and penalties and auditable is possible, in such an open and trustless environment.

Its goal is to implement a security and trust layer that ensures the secure negotiation among multiple parties while guaranteeing that agreed SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are maintained and intelligently managed - all of this autonomously, having in mind different policies, constraints and requirements.

The project comprises a wide consortium of Eurpean experts on 5G, orchestration, network slicing, security and distributed ledgers technologies among which is Ubiwhere, Altice Labs, i2CAT, IBM, Atos, BARTR, Nextworks, Comunicare Digitale, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Intracom, Malta Communications Authority, Telefonica and the University of Murcia.

The aims of the project are well-aligned with the future of Ubiwhere’s 5G Neutral Hosting Platform, as the adoption of Blockchain technology may, for instance, enable a truly open, secure and trusted marketplace involving different actors from the 5G value chain. Such technology would bring trust to the system, easing stakeholders’ mind when conducting business with other parties, while, at the same time, protecting them from unmet SLAs.