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08 01 2018

Wine Tourism Project at Favaios Cooperative Winery powered by Ubiwhere


Favaios Winery (Adega de Favaios) is going to be the target of a project of requalification of the spaces through the digitalization and modernization of the same, resorting to technological and interactive solutions. This project is carried out within the Interior Tourism program, whose main objective is to support the investment of initiatives and projects of interest to tourism and that promote the economic and social cohesion of the territory.  

Located in the Douro demarcated region, Adega de Favaios has been investing in technological innovation for the modernization of its space, with the goal of providing new experiences of visitation to all national and, above all, international tourists.

The project Valorisation of the heritage and endogenous resources Favaios.Enoturismo counts on the Ubiwhere signature in all the scope of modernization and digitalization, not only of the space, but of all the means of communication that will be developed for the project.

With a period of execution of 24 months, this initiative is part of the Interior Tourism program and represents a total investment of approximately 400 thousand euros, reimbursed by Portugal Tourism in about 90%. The project intends to give Adega de Favaios a wide range of digital solutions that will allow the modernization of the entire structure; not only at the level of visitation, using interactive experiences, through media spread throughout the winery, but also in the various communication media through the Favaios Tale brand.

The project will be developed by Ubiwhere in partnership with ID TOUR (a company specialized in the development of innovative solutions for institutional and business organizations in the tourism sector); who will be in charge of the production of various technological solutions. Digital platforms will be developed with 360 experiences and tools to support the visitation and interpretation of the wine process, which will be complemented by other developments of requalification of the physical space of the aging of muscatel, supported by a characterization of the profile of the visitor and the activity of Adega de Favaios.

For Adega de Favaios, betting on wine tourism is a great challenge, seeking to open space and share culture, identity and history to visitors, providing the various spaces with technical conditions and equipment to support the interpretation of the "new wine experience" that proposes to offer to the visitors.

Rui Paredes, member of the Favaios Cooperative Winery Direction, states that "Ubiwhere appeared to us in a proactive format challenging us to put into practice something that was on paper. With its multidisciplinarity of knowledge, innovative concepts and its availability it was easy to build the Enoturismo.Favaios project. The most important thing that leaves us with some comfort is the constant brainstorming that does not end in a project because others are being prepared. Our thanks to Ubiwhere, which is nothing more than a thank you to all employees who are involved in our project and who have added quality. "

This recognition is the confirmation of the effort and demand that Ubiwhere deposits in each project, being su