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Smart Lamppost goes way beyond imagination

A new 5G era

Let’s talk about Smart Lamppost

Lamp posts, an urban eyesore with the singular purpose of illuminating our streets and pathways. But what if they could do more? Smart Lamppost believes it’s possible with its intelligent lighting.

Smart Lamppost is mainly focused on the integration of 5G technology, but its services can go way beyond that. Municipalities can leverage the modular nature of Smart Lamppost and align its feature set with their goals. Charging electric vehicles, providing wireless network service and illumination are but a few of the possibilities, all within a single fixture. In the words of the CCO of Smart Lamppost “There are no limits to one's imagination".

And it was in fact, with imagination, determination, and persistence that the Municipality of Guimarães took the lead and became the first municipality to integrate this project. Guimarães 5G Ready holds the primary goal of providing services related to electric vehicles charging, video surveillance cameras and 5G network while benefiting from the city's urban furniture, more specifically the lamp posts.

’’Smart Lamppost is, after all, a transversal platform’’

A new 5G era

"There are no limits to one’s imagination."

Domingos Bragança, president of Guimarães’ City Council, recognizes this project as "a step of innovation on the digital transformation, with Guimarães taking the lead of the Digital Era" and acknowledges the importance of projects of this kind on the environmental sustainability concerns. In his words "it will lead to less consumption of nature’s resources".

Smart Lamppost is a consortium comprised of 3 partner companies: Ubiwhere, Metalogalva and PROEF. Since 2016, Ubiwhere has been developing the necessary technology, integrating several pieces of software and finally bringing this project to life. Now, developed and implemented in Guimarães, this initiative will bring numerous benefits to all the agents integrating the city. Ricardo Machado, Head of the Smart System Department of Guimarães’ City Council discloses ”it will significantly improve citizen’s quality of life on the level of communications, once the services provided are all integrated into the same solution.” Smart Lamppost is, after all, a transversal platform. It not only comprises a wide number of services within the same structure, as it discloses a Marketplace, for telecommunication operators to request and lease network services.

To Ubiwhere, this project represents the practical results of several months of hard work alongside successful, qualified and experienced partner companies. Accelaran was responsible for the development of the Small Cell and Magnum Cap carried out the creation of the electric vehicle charger, both later integrated into the structure.

Thus, this project is only the first one on a path of emerging businesses of the future. Portugal has taken the first step into technological innovation. The next ones will certainly take us beyond imagination.