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What is in store for the future of 5G?

Talking about 5G

Let’s talk about 5G

Professor at the University of Aveiro for over 10 years and Researcher at the Institute of Telecommunications for more than 15 years, Susana Sargento has extensive experience in the realms of telecommunications and mobile networks. And that was precisely the topic of our conversation.

Used to working with everything involving telecommunications and internet services, the Researcher spoke to us about a topic which is revolutionizing the future: 5G. This is a topic which has been actively investigated for over 9 years and has recently entered the market and, more importantly, people's lives. At this stage, research being carried out is focusing on thinking about what may happen beyond 5G.

In 2019, the main objective is to have 5G applied to some niches and specifically test some services, for example, radio technology, so that in the future integration may happen naturally.

’’allow researchers to think more out of the box’’

5G Projects

There are currently numerous research projects in this area, which allow researchers to think "more out of the box".

According to the Professor, it’s these types of projects which make it possible to "think about the product for more years, to be radical, to be innovative".

A prime example of this is the “Mobilizador 5G” - a project to implement the 5G network in Portugal. Led by Altice Labs and with the collaboration of the Telecommunications Institute and several companies, including Ubiwhere, the consortium is working on technological developments capable of providing services within the future 5G networks.

Susana Sargento, also involved in the investigation of the Mobilizador 5G project, believes that very soon we will have the technology implemented in Aveiro and that the city will be among the first in Europe with 5G technology, effectively bringing greater quality of life to the city and, consequently, to its inhabitants.

Improvements in Mobility, Intelligent Lighting or Energy are just a few of the examples cited by Susana Sargento, stating that 5G will provide the necessary conditions for significant changes in these areas around the world.

Susana Sargento holds a Ph.D. in Electrotechnical Engineering from the University of Aveiro and is a Professor in the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics at the University where she graduated.

She was also a Professor at the University of Porto and an invited Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (USA. In 2016 she was awarded the European Union Innovative Women's Prize for her work at Veniam, the startup responsible for the creation and management of the largest vehicular network in the world.