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Mobilizador 5G

ubiwhere Aveiro

Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks

ubiwhere Aveiro

Mobilizador 5G holds the main purpose of promoting the 5G network service in Portugal. It will essentially consist of the investigation, conception and integrated validation of a set of qualified products of the functional domains of 5G network: Access, management, control and security. These products will be capable of supporting services and products for the areas of IoT (e.g. monitoring of power distribution networks) and broadband media (video streaming) with application on both business models B2B and B2C.

At a final stage, all products will be integrated, validated, and demonstrated in an ecosystem that promotes new 5G services, which will benefit from a realistic test environment (an extended university campus). The project will last 36 months, from January 2018 to December of 2020, thus being aligned with the 5G technologies worldwide implementation calendar.

Co-funded by financiamento_mob5G