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Data Analytics, Open Data and Interoperability

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DEMETER aims at the integration of data collection technologies on the basis of a sustainable agri-food system, to ensure the quality of food, optimize farmer’s decision-making and propitiate cost-effective, environmentally-friendly operations. Its ultimate goal is to potentiate a secure and sustainable European IoT technology and business ecosystem, that transforms the agri-food sector in the EU and eventually, in the whole world. To this end, it will cover the large-scale deployment of interoperable smart farming IoT-based platforms, through 20 pilots across 18 countries.

It involves 60 partners and gathers multiple participants from different production sectors and systems and different farm sizes and types, making the data collection and analysis more extensive and precise. We'll support the pilots held in Portugal, to promote IoT solutions and other technologies towards the optimization of precision farming practices of Mediterranean Woody Crops, Olives and vineyards, taking into account small farmers´ economic limitations. 

 This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857202