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On industries integrating the Cooperative Connected and Automated Mobility, security gaps can reach incalculable negative consequences. From smaller inconveniences, for the automated vehicles retailers such as a decline on their reputations or loss of clients, to issues of higher scale like material damage, increase on environmental pollution, and loss of human lives. The main goal of CARAMEL is giving response to the challenges imposed by cyberattacks in this industry and, through the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques, developing solutions to minimize the safety risks triggered by their impact.

The implementation of new technologies on connected vehicles, such as 5G network services, self-driving features and intelligent charging have brought on, not only innovation but a new set of security breaches without a proper solution so far. Thus, CARAMEL focuses on the protection of new and innovative products developed within this industry.

 This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 833611