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Summer Internships

An unforgettable experience

The beginning of a new adventure

Summer means beach, sun, sea, heat, longs afternoons with friends. Summer stands for vacation, it stands for rest, flipflops on your feet and breaking out from the routine. Some people, spend the whole year waiting for July and August’s vacations, others do the exact opposite.

That is precisely the case of Madalena, Diogo and João, that chose to trade their summer tan for an incredible 2 months adventure at Ubiwhere.

We opened our doors to these three young students, so they could join our team and learn something new everyday. Recently graduated in Computer Engineering by the University of Coimbra, they came to Ubiwhere, to develop innovative solutions that certainly didn't give them a suntan but enriched their personal and professional experience.

’’everyone is very easy-going, there’s a good atmosphere, and we feel confortable ’’

A worthwhile relationship 

João Ferreiro, is 22 years old and “Wine Taste” was his summer internship theme. His main focus was to develop an app for the wine sector in React Native, that not only offers specific information but also assists users in wine tasting. With the theme “Data Entrypoint”, 23 years old Diogo Fernandes, created a platform that allows cities to autonomously, rapidly and practically monitor the received information flow. Madalena on the other hand, with only 21 years didn’t let her young age and lack of experience get in the way of pursuing the challenge we gave her. With strength and determination, she made her internship “Twitter and the City” a real success. Madalena made it possible for citizens of a certain city to obtain real-time data by creating a platform the collects Twitter data and presents its according to its importance (giving emphasis to indicators of traffic, constrained roads e.t.c).

At the end of the summer, the students live with the gratitude of being part of this experience and all the know-how they’ve acquired from it. When it comes to us, we keep the intent of opening our door to young talents that fill this house with smiles, dedication, and desire of learning.

In these two months, this is what we do, offering young students a memorable first contact with the professional world, brightening up their summer in our own way.