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Smart City Expo

Barcelona, 2018

Our flight

19people. The number of Ubiwhere members who embarked on this trip. Those who checked in and flew to Barcelona, because there are many others that flew long months before, throughout the preparation of this project. This was a long and demanding trip. That required the dedication of a multidisciplinary team that worked hard every day to manage to bring a little of our house to Barcelona. To be able to implement a 60m2 stand at Fira Barcelona that would mirror who we are and what we intend to be: a worldwide reference in Smart Cities.

"From 13 to 15 November in Fira Barcelona, this was our biggest presence in the leading event in the sector: Smart City Expo World Congress."

’’who we are and what we intend to be: a worldwide reference in Smart Cities’’

Our challenge

More than 20.000 visitors, 800 exhibitors, and 700 cities. People only think about big companies in these events. But Ubiwhere was there, side-by-side with renowned companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei and many more.

With the dedication and demand of all, we built a space of which we are proud and which has helped us welcome hundreds of people every day. Representatives of cities, journalists, managers of big companies. People who go to work cycling every day and who have seen, in our solutions, strong potential to help improve their daily routines.

Under the theme “Cities to live in”, it was a pleasure for us to be in Barcelona to prove what we do best: technology for people. We presented in real time our new product, the Urban Platform, and its main features to improve the citizens’ quality of life. Through the proper integration of the right technology to solve the existing municipal challenges, we are definitely adding value to this industry.

"Flying to another country to spread our work and to receive such a powerful energy from the other side."

To meet new cities. To potentiate new partnerships. To talk with people from different sectors. What more can we ask for? From the other side, we only ask for one thing: smiles. And we have so many more that we can even count.

See you next year, Barcelona.