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From Psychology to Development

Getting to know Nuno Gago

A life-changing decision

Nuno. 30 years old. Frontend Developer.

If you met Nuno three years ago, you’d never imagine that one day you would find him behind a keyboard cracking code at Ubiwhere.

After graduating in Psychology, Nuno got a job on the field and he loved to practice, especially when it meant working with kids and approaching intriguing thematics like the emotional attachment. But in the summer of 2017, he decided to start programming as a hobby and found an even bigger passion.

At first, it was rather challenging, developing a completely new ability on his own. But that only made the sense of achievement even better and pushed him to exceed his limitations.

Now, Nuno is one of the skilled Frontend Developers working at Ubiwhere and looks at his future in a much different way than before:

In five years, Nuno aims to have acquired master skills at programming, create code libraries and be a reference for other developers to learn from.

’’Never quit looking for what you really love, because life is a road of constant learning.’’

The dream

More than undertaking a completely new professional career, Nuno found with us the opportunity to grow, doing something he loved and inspiring the whole team with his perseverance.

That’s what makes his path so inspirational, it shows that there are no limits to what you can do when you search for what you really love and work hard to turn that dream into a reality.