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A journey that has just started

Getting to know Gonçalo Santos

The journey

In 2018, Gonçalo started his story at Ubiwhere, as a trainee, and now he plays a crucial role in our development team.

Many say that he is one of the most relaxed people here, who looks at problems with serenity but with due responsibility. He is our “Mr Chill,” and he is always ready to help.

His growth stands out, mostly due to the continuous emergence of new challenges that put him to the test. And that is precisely one of the aspects that he revealed to appreciate most in his routine at Ubiwhere. He can arrive at work any day and feel that he will be able to accomplish things that he was not able to do before.

And this progression is due to the autonomy you have, to make the decisions. Gonçalo told us that he already had that opportunity, which made him change the way he faces his duties. He now keeps his eyes on the future, but remains aware of the importance of the present.

’’leave his comfort zone and give everything he has’’

The future

Constant challenges are one of Gonçalo’s main motivational factors. They allow him to "come out of the shell", "embrace new ideas", and "new areas". They led him to leave his comfort zone and give everything he has.

Throughout this experience, the “challenges,” “the people,” and “the projects” have been very enriching for Gonçalo. They inspire him to become better every day and make Ubiwhere an even more distinct company.

For the future, Gonçalo wants to continue “doing things well,” with the calm that best characterizes him. And we hope to have him here.