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A day in Ubiwhere’s life

Living Offices

Starting the day

The day starts at 9:00 am. As people begin to arrive, one by one, the sound of the access card opening the doors echoes through the house.

Seats start to fill up in each open-space, while freshly brewed coffee helps teams power through their morning planning meetings. Timings, priorities and execution needs are discussed.

"In development spaces, the soft, melodic and repetitive murmur of keyboards cranking out code can be heard. In creative rooms, pantones and creative concepts are discussed."

The doorbell rings and a customer arrives for the 10:30 am meeting. But before closing the meeting room door, he gets to know our beautiful offices. Before climbing to the first floor, he’s invited to eat a fresh piece of fruit, which we always have in the fruit bowl (it’s not only coffee that powers our team).

On the first floor, you hear an enthusiastic debate between the design team discussing those impossibly minor details, which turn good into great. Business as usual since that room never stops. The doorbell rings yet again. This time it's the post office delivering a much-awaited mechanical keyboard one of our developers has been pining over.

’’In creative rooms, pantones and creative concepts are discussed.’’

The other part of the day

In what seems like an instant, the morning is over and it's time for lunch. Our Slack kettle channel starts buzzing with notifications.

The group of already 15 people who opt to bring homemade food start making their way to the kitchen. The whirring of microwaves, chatter and laughter pierce the dull silence. On the other side, Slacks lunch train “army” is already on their way to their favourite restaurant.

An hour later, seats start filling up again at Ubiwhere. The bell keeps ringing as customers continue to arrive.

"Meetings between departments resume as creative concepts are discussed, reports drafted or project proposals submitted."

In the blink of the eye, it’s 5 pm on Friday. Time for a glass of wine (or beer if you prefer) and some snacks. It's time to sit back, relax and enjoy a much-deserved break.

The Ubiwhere door closes, not always at the right time, but always with the same certainty: tomorrow the day will be (even) better.