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ubiwhere Aveiro

Ride2Autonomy is a EU-funded project that demonstrates autonomous shuttles’ integration into the transport system in ten EU cities: Differdange (LU), Charleroi (BE), Aveiro (PT), Barcelona (ES), Inverness (UK), Trikala (GR), Tartu (EE), Reggio Emilia (IT), Tampere (FI), and Vianden (LU).

The project analyses the system performance in view of safety and environmental impact, socio-economic potential of the services, as well as its multimodal integration with the transport network. Ubiwhere is currently leading the portuguese pilot in Aveiro. Within the scope of this project, Ubiwhere is focusing on 5G infrastructure for V2X communication and community engagement and awareness activities, helping the municipality of Aveiro in the demonstration and pilot activities. Ride2Autonomy helps to develop new mobility concepts for passengers leading to healthier, safer, more accessible, sustainable, cost-effective and demand-responsive transport.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s DG CONNECT 2020 Work programme under grant agreement No. LC-01632937.