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Smart Cities and Communities

ubiwhere Aveiro

POSER is a decentralised approach to determine the location of devices in a trustworthy manner. POSER makes use of the Helium network in which community device owners are incentivized through a crypto-economy powered by blockchain technology, ensuring a level of tansparency and security not currently available within the Internet of Things (IoT).

Ubiwhere aims to help people understand the impact of small gestures (such as mobility options) on their communities through usable technology. One of such solutions is GoGreen. GoGreen consists of a digital rewarding mechanism based on Blockchain technology. Smart Contracts, based on Ethereum, enable rewarding mechanisms for end-users who opt for sustainable mobility options (transit, EVs, and other light modes of transportation). The system ensures transparency and trustworthiness between the different stakeholders. 
After overcoming the challenge that people select sustainable means, our main challenge relies on the lack of trustworthiness of the user-generated content regarding their location and transit because GPS data can be spoofed. We aim to research innovative mechanisms to improve transparency and trustworthiness, attest GoGreen end-users presence at specific geographic locations at certain times since GoGreen rewards require that geographic locations claimed by users are factual. This proposal named POSER will enrich GoGreen with a Dynamic Proof of Location scheme to validate the transportation options taken by the commuters and validate the Smart Contracts’ conditions.