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Smart Cities and Communities


Environments for an Active, Safe and Healthy Life

The main goal of this project is to investigate, develop and demonstrate in real use environment a set of solutions "active, safe & healthy life" that promote the availability of intelligent products and services to support the network of proximity care and health, through the use of information and communication technologies, namely a platform of agnostic services and data aggregator, the promotion of human functionality through physical and cognitive stimulation, the interaction of the built space through its digitalization, the integration of sensory systems and monitoring.

This project aims to respond to the ageing population scenario and to the challenge of establishing measures to adapt environmental conditions for the well-being and comfort of the elderly population.

Partners will define and optimise a new concept of "senior-friendly" habitat, addressing various aspects that directly and indirectly impact the built environment, such as architecture, materials, home automation and data acquisition and interpretation, as well as sensing and responsive furniture.



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