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Fleet Sharing @ Thumbeo Corporate

ubiwhere Porto

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ubiwhere Porto

Leveraging a marketplace for car-sharing between distinct companies

Fleet Sharing @ Thumbeo Corporate aims to enrich Ubiwhere’s Thumbeo Corporate solution with a fleet sharing feature and leverage the creation of a marketplace for car-sharing between distinct companies. The innovative functionality of fleet sharing will tackle the challenges of companies with a large fleet that, especially in periods of lower productivity, often remains unused, presenting no operating profit. It will do this by offering them the possibility to rent these vehicles in a secure and trusted manner to other companies lacking these resources and aiming to expand their business.

Companies will have the possibility of acquiring vehicles on-demand without the high risk and investment of purchase or long-term leasing. The project aims to deploy the final and improved solution in PROEF - Ubiwhere’s partner - headquarters (Trofa). The company will validate the novel fleet sharing functionality by renting part of their fleet to small companies on the tourism and catering industry, in periods with a higher flow of tourists in Portugal.



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