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ubiwhere Aveiro

Smart Cities and Communities

ubiwhere Aveiro

fiQare, or Future Intelligent Quality Assurance for Release Enhancement, is a revolutionary new concept in safety, reliability and quality for IoT environments

fiQare aims to develop a web-based technological solution responsible for the harmonisation and integration of the data and services provided by the different systems within a smart city, disclosing it as open data for the urban ecosystem. It aims to address an issue already approached by the Urban Platforms European initiative created by the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC), while levelling with the requirements of the initiative with the needs identified for its contracting members.

fiQare is a subproject created within the third phase of the CelticPlus fiQare, in which Ubiwhere intends to implement a use case of this project in urban environments with the collection of data from IoT devices across Portuguese cities.

The platform will enable the necessary components and blocks, working as a base for cities to develop new and reasoned strategies, eliminate or reduce the logic of fragmented operations while introducing predictive and actually effective operations, that serve and motivate the diverse stakeholders within the city (service providers, urbanists, political representatives, among other), driving tangible and measurable results at a local level.



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