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City Catalyst

ubiwhere Guimarães

Smart Cities and Communities

ubiwhere Guimarães

Catalyst for Sustainable Cities aims to transform the challenges of Cities of the Future in opportunities for innovation and economic value with the creation of 21 new products and services that will impact cities and its citizens.

With the growing adoption of platforms and systems for data collection and monitoring, cities face new setbacks when trying to integrate all of these existing devices, systems and platforms, so they can coexist and create added value for the citizens.

City Catalyst, a Catalyst for Sustainable Cities, aims to address the aforementioned challenges through research, development and real life validation of new smart and innovative solutions and services capable of supporting an integrated and more efficient and effective urban management. It aims to be a catalyst for sustainable research and development by contributing to the implementation and interoperability of urban platforms.

The project is structured in different investigation and development topics in the format of small sub-projects aiming to create innovative Products, Processes or Services (PPS) within the scope of Smart and Sustainable Cities:

  • PPS1 Sensoring, communication and computing infrastructure.

  • PPS3 Normalized City Analytics, aiming to promote an effective digital transition in cities by mitigating the risks associated with the investment in cities and communities. We will be normalising data models and interfaces to avoid silos between different domains, solutions or cities. Our focus is to implement and validate a platform capable of aggregating data from all the existing systems and analysing it to provide data with context which can later be used as valuable insights.

  • PPS5 Services for Sustainability in Cities;

  • PPS6 Communication and Dissemination.


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