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ubiwhere Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain & Portugal

Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks

ubiwhere Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain & Portugal

Zero-enabling smart networked control framework for agile cyber physical production systems of systems (Zero-SWARM), is a project aiming to accelerate the uptake of advanced 5G technologies by European manufacturing sector.


The project mission is to achieve climate neutral and digitized production via a multidisciplinary, human centric, objective oriented innovative approach resulting in technical solutions for open swarm framework, non-public 5G network, active information continuum and digital twin. In essence, it establishes a unique forum where separately maturing technologies of 5G and cloud-edge continuum, data technologies and analysis (including data spaces and GAIA-X) and operational technology (automation and agility) break their siloes to co-design and co-create through 10 trials.


The objectives of the project include:


  • Open framework for the engineering and management of smart CPSoS, relying on advanced industrial 5G communication, to enable resilience Zero-X manufacturing;

  • Foster adoption of private industrial 5G as a major enabler of the Active Information Continuum (AIC);

  • Achieve a generic approach for distributed intelligent control applications;

  • Develop and validate a secure, trustworthy and open toolkit to support distributed automation over the decentralised data and intelligence infrastructures;

  • Test, validate, and demonstrate the ZeroSWARM identified trials;

  • Maximize the project impact and outreach to foster Zero-SWARM solutions up-take reinforcing the European industry competitiveness and its environmental, economic and social sustainability to fulfil leadership, resilience and sovereignty.


Project funded by the EU Horizon Europe Programme under grant agreement no.101057083