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ubiwhere Porto, Barcelona & Helsinki

Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks

ubiwhere Porto, Barcelona & Helsinki

URBSENSE offers the necessary technology to upgrade urban furniture (such as lampposts, cabinets or kiosks) with wireless, computing, networking, storage and administration capabilities turning it into neutral hosting and edge computing platforms for 5G deployment. It leverages existing infrastructure to create a novel business model: allowing telecom operators and other verticals to share this infrastructure within an open access model, reducing significantly the expenditures (both acquisition - CAPEX - and operational - OPEX) related to 5G deployment, thus favouring the network expansion.

Cities can rent the siting/infrastructure’s network and computing capabilities to third-parties to deploy innovative services, additionally benefiting from all the features of the platform (such as air quality, safety and traffic monitoring). Telecom Operators may share the equipment and rent a “slice” of the available network capacity to serve their users and monitor the performance of the slice to maximise the user experience.

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