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ubiwhere Barcelona

Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks

ubiwhere Barcelona

SONATA’s vision is to respond to the challenges brought on by the development of services within the 5G network. It focuses on the design and development of an NFV structure to offer programming models and development tools for virtualized services. The platform integrates services and systems of adaptation for DevOps (Software Development and Operations), that allow developers and operators to collaborate closely.

Its SDK (Software Development Kit) facilitates the distribution of network service to third-party developers and the modular design of its MANO structure enables customizable opportunities for service providers and developers. The first prototype was displayed in June of 2016. On the beginning of 2017, a second prototype was developed, and on the following summer, the final one was launched on the market.

5gppp This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 671517