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Smart5Grid (PT2020)

Future Internet and Next-Generation Networks


Strengthening the energy sector efficiency through 5G

5G is envisioned to be the first global technology standard that will address the variety of future use cases of the energy sector, by ensuring that both the radio and core network performance requirements can be met in terms of end-to-end latency, reliability and availability. Up-to-now, the main discussion for 5G has been to support the next wave of smart grid features and efficiency at the behind-the-meter level, by integrating many low-voltage devices into the power grid through low-cost connections, managing demand and load balance domestically, aiming the reduction of the electricity peaks and energy costs.

The Smart5Grid solution aims to provide the energy sector with the necessary skills to meet the growing demands imposed by both regulatory bodies and the end customer, regarding the reliability, resilience and quality of the service provided. The final product will be based on an infrastructure management framework composed of different modules, namely a management platform for 5G Non-Public Networks (NPNs) provided by network slicing, a control, protection and security system in Smart Grids and a Smart Grid infrastructure monitoring platform (which will serve as a tool in an Integrated Centre for Operational Management and Control).


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