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ubiwhere Cologne, Hamburg & Stuttgart

Data Analytics, Open Data and Interoperability

ubiwhere Cologne, Hamburg & Stuttgart

Data Pitch is an open programme, created to join organisations that own data, with Startups and SMEs that work with data, in order to build sustainable businesses with economic, social and environmental impact. It integrates an incubation programme to help Startups and SMEs develop solutions to respond to several presented challenges. Ubiwhere successfully responded to the challenge proposed by Deutsche Bahn, a railway operator aiming to improve its network data and operations management. We focused on understanding how external factors (such as the weather, location of points of interest or the time of the year) affect the way people move, by analysing anonymised historical booking data (from public transportation) and correlating it with these external conditions.

The intent was to make Deutsche Bahn more aware of the current status of their operations (such as understanding whether they should reinforce a specific train line at a given time of the day) and able to detect imperceptible costs, inefficiencies and pain points in their mobility management solutions. Our Mobility Catalogue, a web platform, already capable of collecting, processing and allowing open access to real-time and historical datasets related to urban mobility, as well as intelligent services, benefited from our participation in the project by acquiring a new city service provider, bridging the gap with public transportation operators.

 This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732506