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ubiwhere Elvas & Huelva

Data Analytics, Open Data and Interoperability

ubiwhere Elvas & Huelva

TechOlivo aims to create and commercialize a technological solution that allows the integrated, ecological and optimized management of an olive grove through the non-evasive monitoring of essential agronomic elements. It will incorporate an autonomous aerial vehicle equipped with sensors and aligned with terrestrial sensors. These sensors will be able to collect data relative to the olive grove status and send it to a server equipped with the necessary artificial intelligence for an accurate interpretation.

The olive grower will access to this data through illustrated maps in a mobile application, which will allow him to identify the areas of the grove in need for watering or any kind of treatment. This will be an extensive and intuitive solution, that will assist the olive grower on daily fieldwork while propitiating an optimized and cost-effective use of the existing resources.

Co-funded byfinanciamento_tecnolivo