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ubiwhere Bristol

Content Technologies and Connected Media

ubiwhere Bristol

EdgeTube is a smart solution for intelligent video analysis and processing that optimizes the connectivity in events with a high flow of people. It comes to respond to the challenges brought by the high number of devices streaming in HD, in events like music festivals and concerts. EdgeTube relieves excessive traffic within the network, through a platform that filters duplicated streams, transmitting the one with the best quality while eliminating the low-quality ones.

This solution integrates FLAME, a framework that offers Edge Computing functionalities. It shortens the distance between the data sources (smartphones) and media processing, enabling the precise filtration of the streams in almost real-time. The feasibility of this technology and the quality of its user experience were successfully validated through a pilot held in Bristol. Which also confirmed all the potential associated with the Smart Lamppost integration into this solution.

 This project has received funding from the EU´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731677