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Bleeding Edge Technologies

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An innovative solution that is redefining the future of smart mobility



UNICLE is Ubiwhere’s telco product based on a web platform that solves technological and business problems at the same time. Modern Communications Service Providers (CSPs) should become increasingly digital and streamlined, both in their service offerings and back-office workflows. These providers need to reduce their dependence on the legacy systems and data centre infrastructure that have defined and constrained them thus far. Service orchestration is the component that will help telecom service providers scale up and face their fast-moving future in the cloud.

Moreover, aligned with Zero-Touch Management (ZSM) frameworks, the MVNOs should support the separation of management and automation into different areas of concern, i.e. network management domains and end-to-end cross-domain service management, leading to higher automation of their network and services.

Considering all these issues and needs, UNICLE gives access to several orchestration functionalities by dividing its components into two main platforms: Edge Platform and Cloud Platform. After, each platform divides its functionalities into different modules where specific services and applications can be provided.

Cities: Implementation of neutral hosting infrastructure, faster data processing and assumption of the city as a specialized Mobile Network Operator.

Energy: Taking advantage of Smart Grids to deploy an automatic process, which allows data exchange and different communication protocols.

Finance and Insurance: Providing new services or improving existing ones, in terms of simplicity of use, security and user experience.

Health: Ensuring that large volumes of data are collected and processed in a more federated and real-time manner from patients;

Industry: Digitalisation of the factory floor and design of new production spaces, including the removal of cable connections.

Mobility: Benefiting from a more connected, shared and autonomous infrastructure that allows the delivery of a new mobility ecosystem that is economically more efficient and socially more responsive.

Space: Use new space-based mechanisms such as drones and satellites to make the network accessible in more remote areas on Earth.