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MAR 20 2015

We will be present at the “Smart Metering” Workshop


We will participate at the Smart Metering Workshop, which will be held at CIRA (Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Aveiro), in Aveiro, Portugal, on the 24th of March.

TICE.PT in partnership with ENERGYIN are organising a joint workshop under the theme “Smart Metering” that will take place at the premises of CIRA, beginning at 14 pm.

The introduction of "smart meters" means, among other things, the end of the invoices based on estimated values, allowing savings in consumption with consequent benefit to the environment.

As part of a network that needs to be intelligent (smart grid), the counter enables the knowledge of real-time consumption, making the overall management of different energy sources. In the field of electricity, the European Commission, for 2020, expect that there will be at least 72% of installed smart meters in Europe.

This workshop aims to be the beginning of a process of awareness raising to a very important area that is assumed as a challenge for our society and for our business community.

Carlos Oliveira, Ubiwhere’s R&I Manager, will make a presentation under the theme “Management Platform for Smart Cities” at 17:10 pm, where he’s going to talk about smart solutions for the cities of today, including Smart Cities M2M Platform, Smart Parking and Traffic Management, Smart Tourism and Smart Monitoring, among others.

Also under the Data Collection discussion that will be held between 14:50 pm and 15:50 pm, we are going to talk about “Services of an IoT operator”, at 14:50 pm.

Learn more about the Smart Metering Workshop here. You may register here

Take a look at the agenda here (in Portuguese):


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