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JUN 13 2019

Volume 2 of Ubiwhere’s Annual Report is now available


A special and detailed document that presents the main financial data of 2018 regarding economic and social indicators.

After releasing Volume 1 of the Annual Report, a document presenting in detail the main milestones of 2018, with regard to projects and our presence at events, we now share with you the Volume 2, where we present the main financial data of 2018.

The document's main objective is to share the latest economic indicators, detailing financial and social results of the past year and showing a detailed breakdown of data pertaining to profit, sales, and human resources. We made investments in large business areas and participated in many international events, all of which have helped us evolve professionally, but despite these investments, 2018 was a financially stable year.

The document, which is already on its 5th edition, shows that Ubiwhere has grown over the years. This has only been possible because of its focused, competent, serious and consistent structure. Therefore, we have achieved our goals walking every day to a future of conquered dreams.

See the full document here