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JUN 13 2014

uMeter – Collaborative Platform for monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) for Internet access


Quality of Service (QoS) Measurement System for Internet access provided by an ISP in a region or country.  

Nowadays, the Internet is an integral and essential part of our lives and it is impossible to think of the world and future without it. Staying connected has become a necessity rather than a hobby, and allows us to much more than the simple exchange of messages, emails or browsing static pages. Increasingly, we have to look for new ways to ensure a quality of service that guarantees that customers are satisfied with the services provided.

Funded by COMPETE - Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade, the uMeter QoS project is a measurement system which aims to implement a platform for monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) for Internet access provided by an ISP in a region or country, based on a system of open participation, able to extract metrics based on a set of tests performed by users common access to their Internet connection.

The project focuses on both communications sector regulators in each country and end-users. The platform will allow:

  • Increase reliability of measurement data;
  • Support the decision of the end-user when choosing the Internet provider;
  • Be a valuable tool for communications regulators, allowing them to protect consumers’ interests and apply appropriate/fair penalties to suppliers that are breaching the contractual arrangements for Internet access.

The monitoring platform requires the active participation of a common Internet user interested in evaluating a set of metrics about the service provided by his ISP. 

Among other features, the project will be able to measure network indicators such as latency, jitter (packet delay variation), packet loss, download and upload speed, net neutrality, traffic shaping and web page loading time.

To know more about the project, read the full article.