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Ubiwhere’s Annual Report 2022 Volume II is now available | News - Ubiwhere



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AUG 17 2023

Ubiwhere’s Annual Report 2022 Volume II is now available


To present the company’s financial balance for the past year, the Annual Report Volume 2 details the latest economic and social indicators for the year 2022.

The main aim of this document is to share the economic indicators, detailing last year’s financial and social results and giving a detailed breakdown of the data relating to Ubiwhere’s profits, digital communication and human resources.

Volume 2 of the Ubiwhere 2022’s Annual Report reflects our continuous work driven by creativity, rigour and innovation, ultimately fostering our recognition as international leaders in Smart Cities and Telecommunications. We have made significant investments and participated in various international events, which have helped us grow professionally, making 2022 a financially positive year.

This document highlights Ubiwhere’s growth over the years. Do you want to know more? Download the Volume 2 of Ubiwhere’s Annual Report 2022.