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Ubiwhere welcomes the Summer with a seminar about new tendencies in TELCO | News - Ubiwhere



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JUN 14 2022

Ubiwhere welcomes the Summer with a seminar about new tendencies in TELCO


Ubiwhere is currently organising the Seminar “Ubiwhere Summer Session - Welcoming Summer with New Tendencies in TELCO”. This online event aims to promote several different themes and discussions in the Telecommunications field and will take place on the 28th of June, from 9.30 am to 1 pm GMT.

This event aims to present and discuss several themes associated with TELCO while simultaneously communicating, disseminating and exploiting the outcomes of different TELCO projects on which Ubiwhere works in this field.

This seminar will consist of two panels, each comprising three sessions. For each session, a keynote speaker will introduce the topic, followed by a presentation by one of Ubiwhere’s Project Managers. The event will be in English.

The two panels on the schedule showcase the main areas of intervention of Ubiwhere’s R&I projects - Research and Development and Industry and Business, focusing on the company’s diversified offers and solutions. The sessions include a set of prominent personalities within the area of Telecommunications whose expertise and competence in the field have proven to be essential for the evolution of Telecommunications. These will be the main topics of the sessions:

- Vulnerable Road Users protection with edge analytics

- 5G Communication Systems and the Economic efficiency of the energy sector

- Protecting sensitive data at the edge

- Decentralised marketplace for 5G connectivity

- 5G and Emergency Communication

- Revolution of the Energy Vertical Industry with 5G Connectivity

During this seminar, there are some solutions and projects that will be highlighted, such as SNOB-5G, Smart5Grid (Portuguese project), FogProtect, 5GaaS, Affordable5G and Smart5Grid (international project).

Are you curious about meeting all these projects? Come and join us, free of charge: click here.