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NOV 13 2023

Ubiwhere welcomed the new urban era at Smart City Expo World Congress 2023


Between the 7th and the 9th of November, Ubiwhere was at the Smart City Expo World Congress, the world’s largest and most influential event on urban innovation. The 2023 edition of this event took place in Barcelona and had the theme ’’Welcome to the new urban era!’’. Ubiwhere was one of the most prominent technology companies, displaying innovative solutions, such as the Urban Platform, and having team members as speakers in highly relevant sessions on the event’s programme.

For the 9th time in a row, Ubiwhere participated at the Smart City Expo World Congress, with a very interactive and dynamic stand that aroused the curiosity of all those who visited us and showed interest in our digital solutions. In an era when cities are growing and focusing on future challenges, Ubiwhere presented its unique products that can help build intelligent territories through the digital transition.

At this year’s Smart City Expo World Congress, one of the highlights of Ubiwhere’s participation was the demonstration of the Urban Platform, the leading Smart Cities product developed by the Portuguese technology company and one of the solutions that aroused the curiosity of everyone who visited our stand. The Urban Platform is a software solution that responds precisely to the unified vision needed for the intelligent territories of tomorrow and is ready to redefine the Smart Cities industry, aiming to improve the quality of life of citizens and visitors themselves. In addition to the App already developed for citizens and presented last year, Ubiwhere is turning the Urban Platform into a self-service analytical platform where users can import and manage new data and integrations. This new feature was showcased at the Ubiwhere’s stand at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023.

Furthermore, at this event, Ubiwhere also exhibited Smart PAYT, an urban waste management solution for smart cities, and the Mobility Catalogue through a QR Code, where it was possible to access information on the mobility projects produced by Ubiwhere. Also, as one of the highlights on the stand, Ubiwhere presented the Digital Nervous System Testbed, a product that impacts supporting digital innovation and exhibiting products and ideas already created by other companies with the help of this new technological solution from Ubiwhere.

The Smart City Expo World Congress 2023 in Barcelona aimed to speed up a brighter urban paradigm to build smarter cities in different areas. In this context, the event included several thematic sessions to discuss relevant topics for developing Smart Cities worldwide. Ubiwhere played a leading role in some of these sessions, with the participation and intervention of team members as speakers:

- “Portugal’s Smart City Odyssey: a Cruise to Data-Driven Excellence” with André Guimarães, Head of Marketing and Communications and Business Consultant.

- “Innovative Digital Services Empowering Cities”, “The Urban Platform, Ubiwhere’s Digital Twins for Cities”, and “Clean Coasts: Smart Solutions for Managing Pollution” with Ana Pereira, R&I Communication and Dissemination Manager;

- “Enhancing Infrastructure To Enable Autonomous Mobility” e “Suiting the Future of Smart Cities from Portugal” with Ricardo Vitorino, Head of Technical Communication.


As well as showcasing its digital solutions for Smart Cities and taking part in thematic sessions, Ubiwhere’s stand was visited by Mário Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitalisation and Administrative Modernisation, and João Dias, President of AMA - Agência para a Modernização Administrativa.

The Ubiwhere team would like to thank everyone who visited us. We hope everyone enjoyed learning more about our company, digital products, and solutions. We will continue to walk the path of technological innovation!

Thank you, Smart City Expo World Congress! See you next year.

Click here to watch the video of Ubiwhere’s best moments at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023!