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JUL 19 2019

Ubiwhere takes city management to a whole new level with QPARK


Here at Ubiwhere, one of our main goals has always been driving change into the world. We have been able to accomplish it, step by step through the development of solutions and onboarding on several R&I projects within the Smart Cities sector. Smart Traffic, Smart Waste Management and Smart Air Quality are just some of the verticals within this sector we are proud to be involved in.

Smart Parking is one of the verticals in which we have acquired more experience. Thus, developing a solution that combines all aspects of parking management technology into one integrated system. It comprises sensor-based vehicle detection, communication gateways, digital parking panels, kiosks for payments, mobile applications for drivers and an efficient parking management system. 

It is a simple yet robust way to provide citizens with the location of the available parking spaces. With this solution, cities benefit from a significant reduction in the operating costs of parking and accidents and traffic congestion, while improving parking operations and reducing pollution peaks. 

qpark smart parking simulation

However, the market for technological solutions for Parking Management has been in constant expansion over the past years. In order to be able to compete, and taking into account that cities have started to dismantle spaces reserved for parking, Ubiwhere intends to enrich its solution with urban planning capabilities, unlocking business opportunities and standing out from its competition.

In this scenario, Ubiwhere is developing QPARK, a straightforward-to-install system for Smart Parking, that will enrich this solution with the ability to generate reports based on an analysis of which roads and parking areas of the city are most affected by certain events and situations. This will be effectively put into practice supported by the QUANTICOL project technological outcomes, such as CARMA, a modelling language for Collective Adaptative Systems. With it, QPARK will be able to model a system that accurately simulates the traffic and parking occupation of a city under certain conditions, based on real-life sensor readings. 

With QPARK, we can provide cities with a valuable and useful service that assists city planning, differentiating us from our competition in this crowded field. In the words of one of Ubiwhere’s founders, Nuno Ribeiro “Our ability to easily integrate new verticals within the existing infrastructure of the city is the add-on to our competitive advantage. We are always one step ahead, envisioning the response to the latest urban needs for improvement, and that is what makes us the desirable option when thinking of your next Smart City solution."


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