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Ubiwhere reveals the challenges and opportunities in the implementation of 5G networks | News - Ubiwhere



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MAR 24 2021

Ubiwhere reveals the challenges and opportunities in the implementation of 5G networks


This webinar took place on March 23rd and comprised a set of three sessions dedicated to the most relevant topics in this industry.

Ubiwhere presented the online event “The City Nervous System: 5G enabled verticals for cities”, focused on the discussion of the challenges and opportunities associated with the implementation of 5G networks and the impact it will have on cities.

What is expected with the implementation of 5G networks? Which strategies can cities and companies adopt to benefit from the 5G network towards more efficient services? What does the concept “Neutral Hosting” means? Which opportunities arise from 5G for a better quality of life for citizens?

These were the main questions answered by thinkers and professionals in the field of telecommunications of the future at the event. The sessions counted on the participation of Rui Luís Aguiar, Professor at the University of Aveiro and Head of Networks at Instituto de Telecomunicações, and Paulo Valente, Managing Director at Tech4Policy, as well as several members of Ubiwhere’s teams which showcased some of the projects in motion exploring the diverse verticals of 5G. On this topic, the main highlights were the projects URBSENSE, 5GO (co-funded by COMPETE2020) and UNICRINF (co-funded by CENTRO2020).

Through this webinar, which was a success, given a large number of subscribers from Municipal Councils, technological operators and scientific institutions, Ubiwhere created a meeting point to foresee the capital questions faced by cities and companies at the time of implementing the fifth-generation network, drawing upon the conclusions of the investments undertaken by the company in R&D of the sector.

Our speakers gave us a comprehensive view of what is 5G and the real impact on everyone’s lives and led us to discover disruptive solutions that allow its implementation and massification. That will enable us to seize the full potential of this new technology. We’ve also had the opportunity to discover the Neutral Hosting concept as an innovative response for cities to accommodate the fifth-generation network and unlock a large set of opportunities and new businesses. Furthermore, we highlighted Ubiwhere’s use case, driven by the investigation carried out in URBSENSE, that emphasizes Neutral Hosting and Retrofitting as key technologies capable of enhancing the accommodation of the 5G network in diverse European cities and its application in various sectors, such as mobility, environment and safety.

The 5G networks are constantly evolving. There is a long way to go to achieve all the benefits and opportunities projected by the implementation of 5G networks, which makes the research developed within cutting-edge projects associated with 5G at the national and international level a key point for cities to invest in new solutions to improve the lives of all citizens. If you want the opportunity to learn a bit more about the fifth-generation networks and the challenges brought by their implementation, you can see our webinar online on our Youtube channel.